OutsideIQ founder Dan Adamson has served as the company’s CEO since its inception in 2010. Adamson is one of the world’s foremost experts on search, due diligence, big data and cognitive computing with more than 15 years in the industry. He holds several search algorithm patents, has been named among the most influential “must-see” thought leaders in fintech, receiving numerous academic awards.


Under Adamson’s leadership and after years of extensive R&D in the area of search and cognitive computing, OutsideIQ developed DDIQ, an investigative due diligence search platform used today by leading financial institutions, insurance agencies and multinational companies across the globe operating in heavily regulated environments. With DDIQ, OutsideIQ is one of the first companies to commercialize cognitive computing. Organizations grappling with challenging research and due diligence mandates are benefiting from these innovations to uncover financial and reputational risk related to individuals and organizations, helping them make more informed decisions. The company operates from its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario and New York, NY.

Prior to founding OutsideIQ, Adamson was a former Microsoft search expert and a technical lead for the Bing Health team and Health Solutions Search.  He also served as Chief Architect at Medstory, a vertical search start-up that was acquired by Microsoft.  Prior to Medstory, Adamson founded InterCan Tech, a software company focused on network optimization and privacy, selling the software rights to IMSI.

Adamson holds a Master of Science degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He has been a featured speaker at several leading industry events including Sibos, Money 20/20, Finovate Europe, FinDEVr NY, LendIt and others.

For more information about DDIQ, please visit www.DDIQ.com.