OutsideIQ develops innovative cognitive computing solutions that perform automated due diligence to solve real business problems in an auditable and reproducible manner.





OutsideIQ, a company that develops artificial intelligence solutions that perform automated due diligence in an auditable and reproducible manner. This technology minimizes the otherwise enormous resources required to make the kind of informed decisions that keep their organizations competitive and compliant.


DDIQ is an automated risk analytics product that learns about its search subject by going to thousands of sources to identify, evaluate and rate risk. DDIQ’s ability to understand and process natural language while leveraging the power of machine learning, allows it to employ the same cognitive processes to discount content as a due diligence researcher.

The result is a system that can enable research in the fraction of the time that many processes require today, while providing an auditable track record of the research.


InsuranceIQ provides a robust, easy-to-read assessment of people, properties and businesses so that carriers understand relationships and other factors to more accurately assess risk. InsuranceIQ, a key component of Intellect SEEC’s Underwriting Workstation and Risk Analytics, delivers accurate and comprehensive company and people risk profiles, allowing underwriters to quickly and confidently assess the insurability of a company and/or person, worldwide.

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OutsideIQ is the leader in investigative cognitive computing. OutsideIQ brings together some of the world’s foremost experts on search with the best data scientists, big data professionals and software engineers to solve the complex problems of search for due diligence. Leveraging a proprietary approach to research that combine automated data discovery with the data interpretation abilities that emulate a human researcher, OutsideIQ is changing the way that financial services industries vet their customers and handle their complex compliance requirements. OutsideIQ is based out of Toronto, Canada.

Management Team

OutsideIQ founder Dan Adamson has served as the company’s CEO since its inception in 2010. Adamson is one of the world’s foremost experts on search, due diligence, big data and cognitive computing with more than 15 years in the industry. He holds several search algorithm patents, has been named among the most influential “must-see” thought leaders in fintech, receiving numerous academic awards.

Under Adamson’s leadership and after years of extensive R&D in the area of search and cognitive computing, OutsideIQ developed DDIQ, an investigative due diligence search platform used today by leading financial institutions, insurance agencies and multinational companies across the globe operating in heavily regulated environments. With DDIQ, OutsideIQ is one of the first companies to commercialize cognitive computing. Organizations grappling with challenging research and due diligence mandates are benefiting from these innovations to uncover financial and reputational risk related to individuals and organizations, helping them make more informed decisions.

Dan Adamson
Chief Executive Officer

Joe Oswald is the Chief Operating Officer of OutsideIQ, the world leader in investigative cognitive computing. In his role at OutsideIQ, Joe oversees all operations for the company, including sales, marketing, business operations and partnerships, delivering DDIQ, the company’s flagship cognitive computing product, to compliance, financial services, manufacturing and insurance executives all over the world.

Prior to joining OutsideIQ in 2015, Joe spent two years as a Principal, Executive Career Solutions for Knightsbridge, a human capital solutions firm that integrates the expertise of finding, developing, and optimizing an organization’s people for better performance. In this role, Joe led the business development of all major accounts, including CIBC, Scotiabank and AON Hewitt. He was responsible for developing and delivering executive coaching and career transition services in Knightsbridge’s Executive Practice.

Prior to that, Joe served as the Vice President of Business Development for Trylon for three years, where he served as a member of the senior leadership team and was responsible for the sales and marketing operations of the telecommunications infrastructure company and managed a PL of in excess of $100 million. Before he joined Trylon, Joe spent almost 20 years at Rand Worldwide, a leading computer-aided design software sales and services company where he held a number of positions, including Executive Vice President of the PLM division and Vice President of the IMAGINiT Canada Division. Joe began his career at ASCENT in the Education Divisions where he led the initial branding and marketing initiatives that launched the new business and established the company as a leader in the industry.

Joe holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computer Systems from Carleton University and has a Professional Engineer distinction from Ontario. He is a frequent speaker on Fintech. He is a dual citizen of the US and Canada, and is a frequent volunteer and coach near his hometown of Oakville, Ontario.

Joe Oswald
Chief Operating Officer

Since 2012, Steve has been leading the software development effort at OutsideIQ. He brings over 20 years of development expertise to the role. Steve splits this time between the day-to-day management of the development team, recommending and reviewing design alternatives, and writing code.

Before joining OutsideIQ, Steve worked for Autodesk as architecture lead on their cloud-based PLM offering. Prior to that, he spent 10 years as a senior developer at Intelliware, a leader in the adoption of agile development technologies. Steve began his career at Netron as a software consultant helping clients get maximum value from their investment in legacy technologies.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.


Steve Shaw
VP Engineering

Caio Silva (Caio de Freitas Guimaraes e Silva) is the Banking Product Lead at OutsideIQ. In his role, Caio brings an extended knowledge of Banking Business, Compliance, Regulatory Compliance, Due Diligence and Financial Investigation.

Prior to joining OutsideIQ, Caio Silva spent 28 years in Banking, starting in Brazil where he held a variety of positions working for Banespa and Banco Santander. During his career, Caio went from managing a single banking branch to a whole region with more than 400,000 clients. Caio was a senior retail banking and operations lead for the region and was responsible for anti-money laundry and corruption prevention in a high risk environment.

In Sao Paulo, Caio was the senior representant of points of sales for all compliance and regulatory compliance projects implemented in Brazil for Banco Santander. He was also a key contact while Banco Santander amalgamated with five other Brazilian banks and provided AML training to more than 2,000 branch managers and supervisors.

In November 2006, Caio Silva moved to Canada and soon started to work for Scotiabank, managing key initiatives in the Currency Services Department. There he created cash logistics solutions and was responsible for multi-millions dollars savings. In recognition, he received the Scotiabank Best of the Best Award.

To address FATCA, Dodd Frank and other regulatory initiatives, Caio Silva moved to the Scotiabank International Compliance team and used his expertise to develop solutions for multiple regulatory initiatives across the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Caio Silva holds a Bachelor Degree Major in Economics from the Universidade Catolica de Santos and a MBA from Fundacao Geturlio Vargas, one of the top three Brazilian Business Schools. He is a dual citizen of Brazil and Canada.

Caio Silva
Banking Product Lead

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